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carrier bags from grass paper

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smart green

New eco-friendly grass paper is a true revolution on the market. This type of paper - self-adhesive paper, (on the underside of the paper foil and under it an adhesive layer). They are used for printing labels, labels, etc. Printed look really "natural" and great. In addition, the use of these materials contributes to the protection of the environment and the development of ecological behavior.

We offer grass paper in two variants:

(a) a sheet of self-adhesive paper bearing 10 labels - size 98 x 52 mm

(b) a roll of self-adhesive paper bearing 1000 labels - size 100 x 140 mm

Therefore, as the first company, we are bringing to our market packaging material - bags, made of innovative grass paper, which comes from fast renewable (fast growing grass) and saves much more energy, water and greenhouse gases than conventional paper making. significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

That is why we have created a completely new category of Smart Green products in which you will find products made with an emphasis on ecology and environmental protection.

Country of origin: Nemecko


Data sheet

A4 Sheet of paper grass
10 sheets DIN A4
Roll of paper grass 1000 pieces
rolka obsahuje 1000 kusov štítkov o rozmere 100 x 140 mm
Size of label
rolka obsahuje 1000 kusov štítkov o rozmere 100 x 140 mm
Size of label
98 x 52 mm, 1 sheet 10 pieces of labels

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