How to choose the right bag size

How to choose the right bag size

The dimensions (height x width x depth) and volume (in ml) of your product play an important role in choosing the right bag size. For example, fine salt takes up a smaller volume compared to whole coffee beans or tea leaves.


  • a kitchen scale,
  • a measuring cup in ml.
  • Your product, which you will pack in a bag.


  • put the measuring cup on the scale and reset the scale
  • pour the required weight of raw material into the measuring cup (e.g. 100 g of nuts)
  • look at the measuring cup where the raw material reaches (e.g. 400 ml) this is your resulting volume in ml. For our example, we will look for the bags with the contents closest to the top in the row, i.e. 500ml.


250 ml 75g - 100 g coffee
500 ml 150 g - 200 g coffee
750 ml 250 g - 300 g coffee
1000 ml 500 g - 550 g coffee
2000 ml 750 g - 800 g coffee
3000 ml 1000 g - 1200 g coffee
5000 ml 2000 g - 2500 g coffee


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