Paper bags can be used for various purposes. Paper bags are food safe, easy to fill, and are often used in the food sector. These uses include packing coffee, tea, nuts, chocolate, cakes, candy, spices, and flour or for packing other foodstuffs.

Block bottom paper bags are, moreover, ecological (100% degradable), cheap, and can be personalised with a logo or brand and are also being used more and more outside the food sector.

The bags can be used for packing soaps, candles or hot plates, pot pourri and scores of other small gifts, which require original packaging. For example, gift shops, health food shops, and traditional craft producers are increasingly using our block bottom paper bags. In the packaging section you will find the most common uses as well as a few suggestions.

Advantages of block bottom paper bags

  • Block bottom paper bags are 100% degradable, so they are an ecological alternative to glass bowls, stone jars, synthetic boxes, etc.
  • Paper bags take up very little room on the kitchen sink unit, in the kitchen cupboard, or on the shop shelf.
  • Block bottom paper bags are the recommended means of presenting your products attractively!
  • Block bottom bags have the advantage of staying perfectly upright thanks to the special bottom.

Polypropylene bags

The abbreviation PP stands for polypropylene. It is a thermoplastic polymer, used in many products and bags, it is also referred to as polypropene. But in particular, producers and consumers generally use the original name.

Polypropylene was developed in the nineteen fifties and is resistant to chemical solvents, alkaline substances, acids and also bacterial growth. Therefore, polypropylene is also frequently used for medical equipment and for food packaging (including PP bags and PP film).

In many respects, polypropylene is very similar to its predecessor polyethene and it is just as cheap. But at the same time, it is much stronger. Moreover, polypropylene is easy to recycle, which is an important requirement nowadays, in particular for plastic bags.