This year, however, we put special emphasis on ecology and the importance of sustainability. What we are extremely proud of is our product range, which has been complemented not only by environmentally friendly products but also by a new kind of packaging material. We do not consider environmental responsibility to be just a phrase but actively contribute to finding suppliers and manufacturers who consider is part of their work.

bagsTherefore, as the first company to bring to our market packaging materials - bags, innovative grass paper, which comes from fast renewable sources (fast growing grass) and in their production saves much more energy, water and reduces greenhouse gas production than conventional paper production, thus significantly reduces the carbon footprint. That's why we've created a brand new Smart Green product category, where you'll find products made with an emphasis on ecology and environmental protection.

In accordance with our “Smart Green” strategy, we have replaced pockets with aluminum foils, metallized foils, which are considerably more economical and even permanentoutperform aluminum in their properties. By using these innovative films and improving manufacturing processes, the bottom of the new bags is significantly more stable. Our tea bags have not only superior quality, but also great design.

You can choose from matt or shiny, luxurious or simple, sealable or clip closable. Especially noteworthy are the new closable bags with the reusable label on the back of the bag. This method offers customers more convenience when using a tea bag.

Every year, more than seven million tonnes of waste end up in the ocean because half the plastic is used only once and then discarded. The result of separating disposable packaging is our strong and durable bag.

This bag represents the awareness of environmental sustainability.

Together, we can reduce energy and natural resource consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions with this pocket.